Group Exhibition:
​​​​​​​Greenwich Village and Surroundings
A juried exhibition of fine art celebrating Greenwich Village
Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY
Co-Sponsored by Village Preservation (Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation)
October 7 – 25, 2019
Selected Work: Midnight at the Arch
Selected Work: Midnight at the Arch
A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Greenwich Village Historic District. Greenwich Village historically brings to mind narrow streets, bohemian culture, artistic residents, and progressive attitudes. There is a strong community identity in the Village that is supported by the unique history and attitude of the surroundings. Greenwich Village was and is the place to be.
The Salmagundi Club has been a fixture on the Greenwich Village art scene for over 100 years. This exhibition expresses appreciation for the character of the Village and its environs: the diverse, unique character of the neighborhoods Village Preservation works to preserve: Greenwich Village, including South and West Village, Noho, East Village, Meat Packing District, and Gansvoort Market. Subject matter such as people, places, street life, architecture, immigrants, culture and history are all inspiration for the artist.
Jury of Awards​​​​​​​
ROBERT PILLSBURY, President Emeritus of the Salmagundi Club​​​​​​​
Robert Pillsbury served as president of SCNY for 6 years. After receiving his BFA from The Maryland Institute of Art, Robert managed creative teams in commerical printing and publishing. He is an accomplished artist in encaustic painting, printmaking and drawing. His art represents a profound respect for the natural world that inspires him. The art work of Robert Pillsbury has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and Robert has received awards through his artstic career.
ANDREW BERMAN, Executive Director of Village Preservation (GVSHP)
GVSHP is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of the architecture and culture of the unique community of the Village. As a leading preservationist, Andrew Berman’s exceptional knowledge and keen eye makes him a perfect judge of images of the neighborhood he knows so well.
Jury of Selection: Art Committee
Richard Rosenblatt, Chairman
Pat Gerick, Vice Chairman
Anthony Almeida, Janet Cook, Kate Faust, Lou Lalli, Steve Margulies, William McDonough, Joan Marie Palmer, Roger Rossi, Georgette Sinclair, Shawn Sullivan, Alycia Thompson, alternate
Advisors emeritus: Joseph McGlynn, Claudia Seymour, Guy Wiggins